How Innovation Technology is changing business

How Innovation Technology is changing business



This comprehensive report looks at the burgeoning Innovation Technologies (IvT) sector and how such systems as eScience, modelling, stimulation and visualisation technologies along with virtual and rapid prototyping are helping shape the face of innovation across all business models along with the impact of this on public institutions in relation to leadership and business strategies going forward. Arguing that IvT will have a big an impact as the industrialisation of nations, across all industries that we must be aware of the what these are, and how we can utilise them effectively.      

A new set of technologies is emerging that enables firms to innovate more rapidly, efficiently and accurately than ever before. This 'Innovation Technology' (IvT) includes eScience, virtual reality, stimulation and modelling techniques, and rapid prototyping. Indeed, its is possible that it will have profound an impact on economic growth and social well-being in today's knowledge economy as the development of machine tools had on the industrial economy of the mid-19th century.

Over the next decade, understanding what IvT does, how to use it and where its limitations lie will prove critical for those running businesses, working in firms and providing pubic services. As a result, government policy-makers at all levels would do well to appreciate its implications.



Resource type: | Published: 2013