Positive arts-based activities for young people

Positive arts-based activities for young people

By Arts Council England
Museums Libraries Archives Council


This leaflet presents case studies from across three events three one-day events staged by ACE and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council in July 2009, to increase understanding of how the arts and culture can help deliver positive activities for young people. They provide good practice examples of how the arts and culture can contribute to positive outcomes for young people, how different council departments and agencies can work together and how to demonstrate the impact on young people. These are useful ideas for audience engagement, outreach and community audience development teams.

Birmingham City Council – Up for it! – celebrating children in care

The Up for It! Programme in Birmingham works with children in care to develop their skills, talents and interests. It began in 2006 and is funded through to 2011.

The aim of the programme is:

‘To celebrate the achievement of looked after children and young people and to positively profile them as part of Every Child Matters’

The Up for It! Arts project has played an important part in delivering this aim.


The Up for It! Programme is now extended to involve all Birmingham’s children and young people and to cover all areas of interests not only the arts:

• The Challenge Fund – grants of £250 to develop their interests and talents eg digital camera, horse riding

• targeted intervention – specific projects to develop a range of positive outcomes eg a physical movement and photography project with 12–18 year olds

• celebrations e.g. monthly tea parties at the Council House to celebrate any achievements such as learning to ride a bike, not running away

• events – regular programme of foster family events

• profiling – publications, exhibitions, media events, and high profile ceremonies to positively profile young people’s achievements

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013