How cultural experiences impact audiences and visitors

How cultural experiences impact audiences and visitors

By Sarah Ogle
Debbie Richards


Considers how people can be transformed by cultural experiences, by looking at a case study showing the process and findings of a year-long pilot study of the impacts of arts events across seven major arts organisations in Liverpool.

I remember being excited about Alan Brown’s presentation at the 2008 AMA conference and wanting to do it in my own organisation. With Baker Richards, myself and my colleagues were able to go back to our CEO and make the case. We were keen to look at impacts that went beyond the metrics we had been looking at and

  • To have another way of defining ‘success’ in addition to revenue, attendance numbers and media coverage
  • To assess the intrinsic impact of a live performance or museum visit
  • To help articulate the true impact of engaging with a cultural experience
  • To help the funders of cultural organisations better assess and define outcomes

As part of this, we wanted to develop a new vocabulary to talk about the work to funders and we wanted to assist our curators and artistic leaders in trying to understand the consequences of some of their programming choices.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013