Influencing the resilience of your organisation

Influencing the resilience of your organisation

By Mark Robinson


As a marketer, you can play a strategic part in moving your organisation forward no matter what your job role. This article explains how to step up, influence your organisation and community through 'ROAR': by being reflective, open, adaptive and responsible. You'll find practical tips for increasing organisational resilience whilst remaining true to purpose.    

You can act as a leader in your organisation and in your community, no matter what your job is. From the adaptive resilience work, four aspects of the leadership mindset were identified: reflective, open, adaptive, responsible (ROAR).

I am an optimist. Arts marketers have a real and vital leadership job to do. Go back to your organisations and be ready to raise your voice, to ‘ROAR’. You need to influence people around you; you need to generate loads of ideas. You have a role in energising people and being energised yourself as a result, regardless of your position in the hierarchy. As arts marketers you need to challenge received ideas, to develop audiences by breaking out of the box and influencing the core programme, communicating the sense of the organisation’s shared purpose. And we need to do this to meet the challenge of shrinking resources, and demanding time and audiences.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013