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18th September 2013 Sara Lock

How a ground-breaking campaign changed Scottish women’s behaviour

By: Scottish Government, The Leith Agency

This non-arts case study demonstrates how an innovative behaviour change campaign from the Scottish Government and The Leith Agency led to a 50% increase in women acting early on the symptoms of breast cancer by going to the doctor.  In an advertising first, the campaign boldly used images of real women’s breasts with visible signs of breast cancer.  This Marketing Society Scotland paper takes you through the stages of the campaign from the initial insight gathering phase (unearthing a complacency among women after breast screening and a lack of awareness of symptoms beyond lumps) through to strategy development and campaign implementation.  The case study demonstrates how the initial media buzz was capitalised on throughout the campaign.

The campaign concept was a violation of British TV advertising guidelines, which don’t allow naked breasts to be shown.

We’d deliberately tested a version of the same idea only with illustrations, but the research findings were resoundingly clear. The real photography was critical to the campaign’s huge potential.

Leith and the Scottish Government developed a detailed action plan to try and get the campaign cleared to air.

| Published:2013

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