Holistic fundraising – Gromit Unleashed

Holistic fundraising – Gromit Unleashed

By Helen Haskell
Anna Shepherd


This AMA conference 2014 session led by Helen Haskell and Anna Shepherd from Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal talked about the Gromit Unleashed campaign. This campaign saw 80 Gromit sculptures designed by famous artists, designers and celebrities displayed in a public art trail around Bristol. Culminating in an exhibition and public auction the campaign raised £2.3 million for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal to support sick children and their families at Bristol’s Children’s Hospital. During this session delegates discovered the secrets of the campaign’s success including how marketing and fundraising worked together to deliver Gromit Unleashed.

1. Create a compelling case
You know that the most powerful tool you have is your storytelling. Why are you doing this? What is this project about? For us, it was all about the Children’s Hospital. It was all about raising the money for the Children’s Hospital and the Auction at the end as well as throughout the project. So, we went to Icon and asked them to work with us on the film you saw earlier and by using the film we aimed at major donors first and then throughout the project we changed our marketing materials for the different audiences we were aiming at both on our website and at the general public and also for our sponsors. It’s always very important to remember why you are doing it and use why you are doing it to sell the project.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014