Health and Wellbeing – China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy

Health and Wellbeing – China Plate’s Artist Wellbeing Policy


China Plate are committed to enabling and facilitating professional, ethical and productive working environments for artists that stimulate creative freedom and risk whilst safeguarding physical and mental health and wellbeing. Their research has resulted in their Artist Wellbeing Policy.

Alongside Artist Wellbeing Practitioner Lou Platt, China Platt have embedded approaches to artist wellbeing across all of their productions.

Their Wellbeing Policy and list of resources aims to provide practical guidelines for safeguarding artist, creative team and employee wellbeing and mental health when working on productions. It is intended to allow for relaxed, robust and open dialogue to happen around wellbeing and care.

China Plate will implement and revisit the policy throughout their entire creative process, from project inception to touring, in conjunction with the specific needs of the production and creative teams.

The policy was created for internal use and is also an open resource in order to promote these values in the wider sector.

Alongside a focus on health and wellbeing in the latest issue of JAM - the AMA's journal of art marketing - Rosie Kelly was invited to write a blog explaining why China Plate devised their Wellbeing Policy and are sharing the process.

Read the blog.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2019