Getting your donor cultivation event right

Getting your donor cultivation event right

By Lauren Williams


This guide provides key points to consider when organising a donor cultivation or stewardship event. From identifying the objectives of the event and who to invite through to targetting your messaging, selecting the most appropriate event host and making the most of your organisation's unique qualities. The guide includes a useful sample event timeline to help you plan cultivation or stewardship events.

You need as many fundraisers in the room as you can, so if you are a small team assign an event manager who can look after the practicalities during the event. This may mean a full and in-depth handover of responsibility to a trusted colleague. You cannot expect to concentrate on a conversation about your donor’s inspiration in life if you’re worrying about whether the canapés are being served quickly enough. If you do have to be the event manager, you need to brief the staff and Board members in the room beforehand and hound them all for individual feedback before they’re allowed to leave. Also ensure you have specific actions to be able to follow up with everyone.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2015