Getting to grips with commissioning

Getting to grips with commissioning

By Jessica Harris


The Cultural Commissioning Programme is a three-year programme running from July 2013 to June 2016, funded by Arts Council England.The programme works to help the arts and cultural sector engage in public sector commissioning and to enable public service commissioners to increase their awareness of the potential for arts and cultural organisations to deliver their outcomes. With opportunities for arts organisations, museums and library services to engage in public service commissioning, Jessica Harris, Project Manager, explains the importance of understanding the outcomes commissioners are looking for. This article was originally published by Arts Professional.

Whether you are working locally or nationally, thinking about how the impact of your work supports the outcomes commissioners are looking for is important. The LGA’s Guide to developing a local outcomes framework for culture and sport will help with this. It provides examples of other outcomes frameworks, such as in the fields of children and young people, health and wellbeing, older people. It also provides a step by step guide to developing your own outcomes framework, including useful templates.

Resource type: | Published: 2015