Getting students in the door and keeping them dancing

Getting students in the door and keeping them dancing

By Sarah Clarke


This short resource sets out some key ideas and tips on how dance marketing can attract new students to come to the studio, whether they are experienced dancers or those looking for a recreational activity. Clear advice on issues as diverse as clothing, equipment requirements and costs are helpful, as an example of how marketing messages need to be tailored to appeal to a variety of ability levels. The guide recommends seeking out the right online locations to promote alongside traditional media, and maintaining interest through messaging, but recognises the most important marketing tool is a satisfied student.

Consider some partnerships with local businesses that offer supplies for dance classes. If you can give your students exclusive discounts and special deals, they’ll appreciate the efforts you’ve gone to on their behalf – and so will the parents of your younger students! Your printed flyer can double as a discount coupon or ticket to a special event and you could also provide discounts on the rates of your studio rental services.

Your best marketing tool is a satisfied student. Keep your customers happy and give them the incentive to continue dancing and not only will they keep coming back, but they’ll spread the word and tell other people about you. All of the wonderful aspects of dance – the lifelong benefits for the body, mind and the social aspects of life – should make it easy to market your business. With good preparation and creative marketing you can present dance to a whole new range of people, get them through your studio doors and keep them dancing for life!

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013