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30th October 2013 Sara Lock

Getting personal with print and design

By: Howard Buckley

While we have refined our targeting methods to almost scientific levels, take a look at print in many arts organisations and what is most striking is that we are still quite conservative when it comes to acknowledging our customer base.

First, look beyond the arts. Somewhere that has always helped me refocus my thinking is in the local supermarket. The food industry is a prime exponent of using self projection to sell their products. Heinz is a wonderful example of this, even managing to stuff your little one with jars of their ‘Mum’s Own’ brand, taking the guilt out of feeding your child pre-prepared food by using recipes such as new mum Gillian Adamson’s delicious Fruity Chicken Casserole or yummy Lentil and Vegetable Risotto from Sonia Jones. Suddenly you are not just buying food from a huge multinational corporation but from Gill and Sonia.

| Published:2013

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