Gender Pay Gap in Numbers

Gender Pay Gap in Numbers


A new advice piece  by Sage on how to identify and close the gender pay gap in any size business.

For the past 12 months, in the run-up to new legislation, the gender pay has been at the forefront of discussions in business and of how organisations must work to close the gap as they scramble to report their figures.

Since April 2018, all employers with 250 employees or more are required to publish their gender pay gap data every year.

But, what actually is the gender pay gap, what can we do to address any imbalance and what does it mean for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's)?

The advice piece by Sage draws on extensive research and answers the following practical questions:
  • What is the gender pay gap?
  • What is the difference between gender pay gap and equal pay?
  • Why is there a gender pay gap?
  • Why do employers have to publish their data?
  • What should employers publish and when?
  • How do I calculate my gender pay gap?

It looks at the wider picture including if the gender pay gap is getting bigger or smaller and how the UK gender pay gap compares globally. It also gives advice about next steps including how to address unconscious bias, flexible working, childcare, leadership training, the benefits of promoting gender equality and encouraging women to apply for non-traditional roles.


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Resource type: Research | Published: 2018