Gearing Up For Growth

Gearing Up For Growth

By Gill Thewlis


In this Prosper resource Gill Thewlis covers all you need to know to successfully manage change and growth within your organisation — from measuring success and capturing your ideas for growth; through to business planning and funding; and managing risk and change.

Once you know what’s important to you and your organisation, the next question is why do you need to think about growing?

  • Standstill you die — good things always come to an end
  • Keep your eye on the future — just because it’s always worked doesn’t mean it’s going to carry on
  • Builds resilience — if done well
  • Diversify to reduce risk — funding and otherwise
  • Growth can mean different things in different contexts — it’s not necessarily just about getting bigger:
    • Financially
    • Geographically
    • Product or service
    • Sphere of influence
    • Customer / audience base
    • Development of new IP for future exploitation

So, some of these reasons will apply to you. Once you know what is driving the need for growth you need to consider how to do that.

“However you choose to capture and order your ideas for growth, it’s crucial that you evaluate how each idea can help you achieve your mission and vision.”

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Gearing Up For Growth

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2018