Fundraising response to Covid-19: From Response to Recovery

Fundraising response to Covid-19: From Response to Recovery

By Institute of Fundraising


To help fundraisers in this hugely challenging time, The Institute of Fundraising has worked closely with THINK Consulting Solutions to put together an important new resource. From Response to Recovery: Fundraising strategy and Covid-19 takes you through the key strategic questions and issues which face so many charities, providing you with tips, insight, and ideas about how to tackle the tough decisions ahead.

Topics covered include:

  • strategic planning;
  • brilliant fundraising basics;
  • digital;
  • people;
  • culture, innovation and behaviours.

This guide is an essential starting point for conversations with trustees, chief executives, and your fundraising teams. While the answers and approaches will be different for each organisation, the Institute of Fundraising hopes that having a resource that helps you initiate conversations and guides you through some of the key discussions ahead will be extremely beneficial.

Download the guideĀ 

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2020