Fundraising information at your fingertips

Fundraising information at your fingertips

By Jo Habib


A detailed breakdown of the many resources that are available to help you plan and execute your fundraising strategy, including printed and web based material, useful contacts and recommendations.

There are many books and information packs published about the practicalities of fundraising - too many to list here. Probably the largest publisher is Directory of Social Change which publishes the major directories listed above and a large number of books. It also distributes publications by other voluntary organisations. You should make sure you have a copy of their publications list.

There is an increasing number of web-based resources offering information, links and searchable databases around the topic of funding. Some sites are free, some are subscription only. Those listed below are some of the major sites. For a more detailed list look at the Other useful sites page of FunderFinder's website: also look at the Awards and Competitions page for information about schemes and prizes with deadlines and at the Useful blogs page.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013