Fundraising from an Artistic Director's perspective

Fundraising from an Artistic Director's perspective

By Wendy Smithers
Wieke Eringa


One of the biggest challenges in fundraising is that funders want access to artistic directors as often it's their vision that is being supported. In this interview, Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance, discusses her approach to fundraising including the challenges and benefits of leading on fundraising; building income; fundraising for both projects and core costs; involving the board in fundraising and growing income from trusts and foundations, individual giving and commissioning contracts. Wieke also shares her three top tips for arts and cultural fundraising.  

How do you juggle being Artistic Director with having lead responsibility for financial viability? What are the benefits? Or the tensions?

Doing well with the fundraising means I get known as a Fundraising Director not an Artistic Director - this interview being a good example of that! So it is more of an issue for me personally than for the organisation. As I am at the heart of the artistic programme I can write strong bids and translate the artistic passion into a fundraising context.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014