Fundraising events: Chickenshed's gala programme

Fundraising events: Chickenshed's gala programme

By Laura Greenfield
Adam Gallacher


Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company based in a purpose-built venue in North London. They create theatre for all ages and run successful outreach projects, education courses and membership programmes throughout the year. This case study takes a look at Chickenshed’s hugely successful gala and events programme, which raises approximately 50% of Chickenshed’s fundraised income each year. Forecast income from fundraising events in 2015/16 is £1million.

Target audience

The target audience is often defined by the gala committee’s contacts and networks. They often find that companies are interested in buying tables to entertain key clients, and have sometimes found it helpful to target a specific industry so that the people there know each other and there is some healthy competition for the auction.

While Chickenshed ensure that guests get a genuine sense of their work, the gala audiences are very separate to their usual audiences – Adam estimates up to 70% of the gala guests do no attend any other Chickenshed events.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2015