Flexible Family Tickets in Museums – commercial considerations

Flexible Family Tickets in Museums – commercial considerations

By Kids in Museums


A report by CultueLabel for Kids in Museums looking at opportunities to use flexible family tickets to develop new creative business models.

Today, mainstream consumers demand more and better interactions with cultural content, experiences and organisations. Museums have a unique opportunity to supply this demand; in the process creating new income streams and leveraging their cultural assets more effectively.

Discounted tickets for families represent a major opportunity for museums to develop new creative business models that can result in more visitors as well as more income from existing visitors.With the right commercial models in place, families can become additional, life-long supporters, ambassadors, visitors and patrons for a museum.

https://www.culturehive.co.uk/wp-admin/post-new.phpLike all great cultural entrepreneurship, responding to the opportunities presented by families involves identifying and systematically understanding their wants and desires as leisure consumers, and enhancing or adding new layers to the quality of their experience.

Listening to families is the only starting point: consumer research is the lifeblood of successful organisations. To this end, the Kids in Museums research states clearly what families want: consistency, simplicity, clarity, plus flexibility for different ages, extended families and single parent families. These requirements can be reconciled with commercial objectives, thanks to significant new opportunities created by marketing to families.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2019