Explore the role of digital marketing in arts organisations

Explore the role of digital marketing in arts organisations

By Paul Smith


As part of the AMA’s New Media New Marketing day, digital marketing advisor Paul Smith explored the role of digital marketing in arts organisations including tried-and-tested techniques to help develop and refine digital marketing strategies. HE covered developing an e-marketing strategy, the importance of brand, trends affecting the market place, segmentation, partnerships, positioning, plus digital integration and tools.


These are increasingly important and you could become partners with people without even having to talk to anyone or ask permission.

A web ring like British Airways uses is a good example. You’ve booked a flight but you might need a hotel and a hire car and so there is a little partnership built into a web ring. It builds on our need to save time in looking at the options around what you are doing.

In producing your digital marketing strategy as an arts organisation we could ask – what else might people want? How can you accommodate their wider needs? These things need to be considered for the long term not the short term.

The most potent form of online marketing is probably ‘affiliate marketing’. So Amazon encourage traffic to their site by encouraging and paying people to link through to them.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013