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Expert advice on fundraising challenges

Expert advice on fundraising challenges


As arts fundraisers continue to put heart and soul into securing their organisations' financial future, this article shares four fundraising experts' advice on the key challenges they are facing, from communications and digital fundraising to data analysis and entrepreneurship

Digital  fundraising,  which  can  range  from  simple  things  like  JustGiving  or  a  Twitter account, right through to more elaborate initiatives such as Omaze, is not a dark art. Nor is it 'something that the youngest member of the team can lead on'. It is a way for people of all ages to have a dialogue with your organisation, to build a stronger relationship which could lead to financial support, and which might also be transacted online. This should be part of any fundraising strategy, rather than a standalone, as it is rare for a campaign to be conducted solely online. So if you are not confident with digital fundraising, how about playing with it a little? We promise you won’t break the internet.

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Resource type: | Published: 2015