Engaging your audience to make good habits stick

Engaging your audience to make good habits stick

By Kris Hallenga
Maren Hallenga


Coppafeel! is a charity on a mission to stamp out late detection and mis-diagnosis of breast cancer. With a clear vision, a unique brand and a strong understanding of its target audience Coppafeel! has become a prominent organisation effectively reaching out to young people across the UK. During this AMA conference 2013 session Coppafeel! explained how they engage their audience and plan effective, award-winning marketing campaigns.

Our challenge was to position ourselves in a quite crowded, often very pink and fuzzy market yet we had quite a unique proposition. Other charities were focusing on research, supporting people with breast cancer and older women yet we purely wanted to be talking to young people. We are purely an awareness and education charity targeting young people. We wanted to become the young person’s breast cancer charity of choice and cement ourselves firmly among the leading namesWe were a tiny team with a loud voice and we wanted to be heard as much as everyone else. We needed to figure out how we could create a huge impact on the smallest of budgets. 

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014