Enabling diversity in Greater Manchester

Enabling diversity in Greater Manchester

By The Audience Agency


This report provides an overview of learning points from the Enabling Diversity – Greater Manchester project. This initiative sought to develop and provide relevant and sustainable audience development activity with culturally diverse communities in Greater Manchester. The objectives included securing active involvement of member organisations, building market intelligence and delivering marketing activities to specifically targeted communities. 

Season listings brochures for culturally diverse work are very popular with the public. The Diverçity brochure contained a mailing form, which included several research questions. In response to the open question 'What do you think of this brochure' 83% said it was brilliant, excellent, good etc. and 91% said it was very informative and useful.

It has become increasingly apparent to Arts About Manchester that targeting potential attenders solely on the basis of their ethnic background is an unsophisticated and simplistic approach. It does not take into account cultural interests, lifestyle and lifestage profiles that are generally recognised in the marketing industry as key factors in defining and determining leisure time decisions.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013