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25th July 2016 Sara Lock

Effective Website Design (training video)

By: Jack Harris

Learn how to take a strategic approach to developing or redeveloping your organisation’s website to ensure it contributes to the success of your organisation.

Part one: Introduction
— 30 seconds

Part two: Strategic thinking
— 3 minutes

Part three: Strategic review
— 3 minutes

Part four: Setting objectives
— 2 minutes

Part five: Making it current
— 4 minutes

Part six: Briefing an agency
— 6 minutes

Part seven: Project management
— 4 minutes

Part eight: Thinking about design
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Part nine: Site maps and user journeys
— 3 minutes

Part ten: Content and preparing your site
— 3 minutes

Part eleven: Launching your website
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

| Published:2016

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