Draft Culture Strategy for London

Draft Culture Strategy for London

By Greater London Authority


Have your say - Draft Culture Strategy for London. The Mayor has made culture and the creative industries one of his top priorities. He has set out his policies and commitments for culture and invites all Londoners to support him in the development and delivery of his ambitions for culture in the capital.

The Mayor of London has published a draft culture strategy and opened up the consultation for everyone to share their views. The strategy recognises the importance that culture has to our society and is ' part of our DNA'. Whether you are a resident of London of not the arts and culture sector can support this initiative in making the development of strong vibrant artistic communities a priority. The strategy seeks to reverese the decline in arts venues and spaces closing down and the provision of culture becoming for a select few.

Alongside the Mayor's other strategies and plans, the draft Culture Strategy outlines an ambitious vision to sustain a city that works for everyone. A city that is built on the principle of culture for all Londoners.

The strategy has four priorities:

Love London - more people experiencing and creating culture on their doorstep

Culture and Good Growth - supporting, saving and sustaining cultural places

Creative Londoners - investing in a diverse creative workforce for the future

World City - maintaining a global powerhouse in a post-Brexit world

Consultation responses will help to refine the strategy.  This consultation is your chance to share your views on what you think are the big challenges and opportunities facing culture in the capital.

The consultation is open until 19 June 2018.

To find out more or to download the full document visit The Mayor of London website.


Download the Executive Summary(PDF)

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