Donor segmentation

Donor segmentation

By Sarah Gee
Sally Bagwell


This AMA conference 2014 session led by Sally Bagwell (NPC) and Sarah Gee (Indigo-Ltd), looked at the emerging practice of donor segmentation in the fundraising sector. NPC’s report Money for Good UK explores the habits, attitudes and motivations of donors in the UK. This session explored the seven donor types outlined in Money for Good UK and how the arts sector can use this segmentation to think about fundraising practice.

The top three are the biggest segments:

  • Loyal supporter
    These people give because they care about a cause. Everyone gives because they care about a cause but for these people it’s their top reason.
  • Engaged champion
    There people give time and get their friends involved. They are good as an advocate for your organisations.
  • The Ad Hoc giver
    This is a massive segment of people who give, primarily because other people ask them to.
Resource type: Research | Published: 2014