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12th December 2014 Sara Lock

Digital integration: 15 blunders to avoid

By: Jonathan Drori

Find out the pitfalls to avoid when galvanising digital integration across your organisation. Learn how to manage digital projects without getting stuck in unhelpful mindsets, measuring the wrong things and piloting the wrong things.

There’s a large, UK environmental charity that has repeated false starts with large digital-integration projects because they didn’t involve technology from the start. There are reasons why people don’t do that and one is that people find it hard to understand technology and technologists and there is an attitudinal factor in that the technology is seen as the ‘oily-rag division’ with a ‘do-not-enter’ sign on the door. One of the reasons that the BBC got ahead very quickly at the start of the digital game was because the Director General at the time had a background in engineering and I think it’s no coincidence that he appointed a chief technologist to the board.

| Published:2014

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