Developing video and photography to engage audiences

Developing video and photography to engage audiences

By Farah Lyner


Recording experiences through photographs and video and sharing them on both your organisation's website and throughout social media channels can dramatically help build new and wider audiences. Since making photos and videos available online, Candoco - a dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers - has been able to keep its digital platforms fresh and up to date whilst engaging with audiences who are not able to see them in live performance.

Photo and video acquisition can be an extremely costly process. Even before you’ve paid a photographer, you must consider the cost of time your artists will potentially spend outside of rehearsals, location and possibly equipment. The expense is the main reason why so many companies are lacking quality materials. Candoco has made digital content acquisition a priority and has dedicated a substantial chunk of budget to it. We also strive to get the best value out of the content we produce. It is very easy to create something, post it once and then let it fall by the wayside. Creating content that has a long life and working to promote it via our social networks and website is a constant challenge.

We would also always advise companies to really consider why they are making the content they’re producing. What are your objectives for the piece? Can it be used more than once? Where will it be used? Where will it be distributed? Will it be cost effective?

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013