Developing successful cultural partnerships in the community

Developing successful cultural partnerships in the community

By Gigi Antoni
Dr Thomas Wolf


This book offers examples of successful cultural partnerships from the US and outlines how these have benefited local communities.  Based on the success of these partnerships it also offers some useful advice on developing successful partnerships in the community as well as outlining some less successful ventures into partnership and based on this, tips on what should be avoided.  Case studies are shared from across the cultural sector in the US. This is a detailed but well presented and easily digested book.

An experienced educator redesigned the program as a vehicle that could address state educational standards. Students still attend a performance of The Nutcracker, but members of the ballet company now work with teachers on curriculum that uses dance to help children master mathematical concepts and develop imagination skills. Corporate leadership has become re-engaged with the program since it addresses what they consider to be core 21st century workforce challenges. This flexible and enterprising ballet company became more relevant to educators and funders by reframing its activities to address community needs. In the end, the students win.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014