Developing digital marketing tactics for young people

Developing digital marketing tactics for young people



In the rapidly changing field of social media and social networks, it's important to keep up to date with how people are using these platforms and what is most relevant to each market. This article outlines how and why people use digital technologies, with a particular focus on young people. It demonstrates how marketers need to develop their digital marketing strategies in line with how interactive media is used. A wide range of tools including social networking sites, podcasts and vodcasts are discussed.    

The key thing to remember is that functionality is built into equipment now, so that interfacing is no longer difficult or fiddly. This removes the barrier to entry and arts organisations can make use of the widest range of tools possible.


- free weblogging platform
- free photo hosting site with geotagging
- create virtual timelines
- create amazing MTV-style sldeshows
- virtual mags from pdfs
- real time sms polling

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Resource type: | Published: 2013