Developing a digital marketing strategy

Developing a digital marketing strategy

By B Hunter


Gain an overview of the steps needed to develop a digital marketing strategy. This guide will show you how to position your digital strategy and develop a planning framework.

'Arts organisations that are skilled in digital marketing will (all other things being equal) see more people through their doors than ones that rely on a brochureware website and email newsletters.' MTM London, 2010

1) Where are we now?

• Goal performance
• Audience insight
• Digital marketplace SWOT
• Brand perception
• Internal capacity & skills audit

2) Where do we want to be?

• Sell - grow sales
• Speak - dialogue and participation with customers
• Serve - add value
• Save - save costs
• Sizzle - extending your brand online

• Socialise?

3) How do we get there?

• Segmentation, targeting and positioning
• Online value proposition
• Integration and database
• Content and engagement strategy

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Developing a digital marketing strategy (PDF)

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013