Data collection in museums: the situation in 2005

Data collection in museums: the situation in 2005

By Sara Selwood


This article reviews the collection of museum data available in 2005, and how it had developed since 2000. It presents a resume of the main data collections in England, and the availability of the data collected. It also describes the lessons learnt from the collection of data for Renaissance in the Regions from the 160 museums in the regional hubs, which reported back to the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Ad hoc data collection:

A new ACE/Resource omnibus report was published in October 2002, which has a section on museum attendance. The report, published by the ACE as Arts in England: attendance, participation and attitudes in 2001, is based on an ONS survey of 6,042 people in England carried out between July and November 2001.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2013