Customer Service in the Arts – A Manual by Roisin Bell for Arts Audiences

Customer Service in the Arts – A Manual by Roisin Bell for Arts Audiences

By Arts Audiences


Arts Audiences works within Ireland to build knowledge and expertise within the arts about audiences through a range of initiatives and training courses. Arts Audiences is funded by The Arts Council/ An Chomairle Ealaoin and is a partnership initiative of The Arts Council and Temple Bar Cultural Trust. This manual takes the reader through the necessary steps for proper evaluation of levels of customer service excellence in their organisation. It breaks the process down into manageable stages and provides guidance, ideas and inspiration for how to carry out a customer service audit which brings real, measurable benefits. The manual is based on the pilot which was run by Temple Bar Cultural Trust and the Project Arts Centre in 2010, research was carried out by Knowledgeworks and the report was published by Arts Audiences.

5 reasons to read this manual

  1. Everyone gets compliments and complaints from customers, but this manual helps you to find out how you are really doing.
  2. This manual shows you a way to improve (if you need to) based on your own resources.
  3. It is based on what was done by people in organisations just like yours. It sets out what we did, what we achieved and what we might do differently if we were to do it again.
  4. It is practical and doesn’t assume that you have lots of money to try to fix things.
  5. Our approach is to involve and empower frontline staff and management at every stage; everyone is involved in finding solutions to problems.
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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014