CultureHive is Digital

CultureHive is Digital

By Hannah Mason


Read the new AMA CultureHive article from Hannah Mason " What it means to be really digital". Originally published in Arts Professional.

With all the reliance on digital technology over the past decade, are arts organisations as digitally mature as they should be?

Digital technology has changed not only how we consume the arts but how arts organisations engage with audiences. In the near future the term ‘digital’ may seem outdated as we integrate technology into our everyday working lives. When we have matured digitally we will no longer need to separate our organisations into those that do digital and those that don’t do it.

Being digitally mature is not about the numbers of visitors your website has or the likes and retweets from your social media

According to the recent DCMS publication Culture is Digital, 80% of adults use the internet daily and within the next 20 years 90% of jobs will require digital literacy. The journey towards that future raises many exciting opportunities to reimagine how we communicate and share our creativity. Equally, it raises questions around where to start.

The report highlights the potential for UK arts to reach further and challenges us to keep up with technological innovation, a challenge that can leave some arts organisations feeling left behind.

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Image courtesy of AMA Digital Marketing Day 2017 photo by Eleanor Howarth

Resource type: | Published: 2018