Cultural tourism statistics

Cultural tourism statistics

By Heather Maitland


A flurry of research shows that cultural tourism brings all sorts of benefits - join Heather Maitland on a trip around the cultural tourism statistics.

It’s the first week in August. I get in my car and drive for five hours to spend eight days dancing my socks off in a field full of cow pats. And that makes me a cultural tourist. Overseas and domestic visitors make up 90% of the 106,000 individuals that each attends an average of 3.3 of the UK’s 350 folk music festivals. Together, we spend £77m. Not all of us brave the cow pats, so we spend £8.34m on 300,000 bed nights in hotels and B&B’s. We love our ‘holidays with music’ so much that 76% of us come back to our favourite festival most years.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2014