Cultivation and Stewardship (training video)

Cultivation and Stewardship (training video)

By Laura Greenfield


In these videos Laura Greenfield details the stages you need to go through to successfully ask for donations and reach your fundraising targets. Cultivation: a process to help identify and look after prospects from initial contact through to making a gift. Stewardship: after people have made a gift it’s crucial that you thank and look after them.

Part one: Fundraising objectives and targets
— 3 minutes 30 seconds

Part two: Cultivation: the seven steps
— 7 minutes 30 seconds

Part three: Stewardship
— 2 minutes 30 seconds

Part four: Adapting cultivation and stewardship tools
— 4 minutes

Part five: Monitoring and Return on Investment
— 3 minutes

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2016