Creating campaigns with your audiences and visitors

Creating campaigns with your audiences and visitors

By Colin Beesting


A practical toolkit for devising, creating, co-creating, delivering and managing integrated marketing campaigns to develop awareness, interest and engagement from different audiences. Learn how arts marketers can move from simply telling audiences about events, to demonstrating the value they will get from them, and involving them as active participants. With case studies and exercises to explore encouraging visitor/audience involvement in marketing campaigns.  

As communicators we don’t have all the answers, in fact we have about 10%, and the people we want to reach are crucial to successful campaigns. We will look at the theory, a couple of examples and then do some group work to try it out ourselves.

We are trying to take people from one way communication to involving them in what we are doing. There’s a progression which means moving from tell to show to involve.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013