Creating an effective organisational blog

Creating an effective organisational blog

By Jake Orr


Looks at the reasons why you might start an organisational blog; how to plan your blog's content; tips on the best writing style for composing posts; effective web design, and examples of arts blogs that work.

A blog isn't a standalone item. It should exist within a wider plan. It is but one channel so it needs to be part of a ‘good bonfire’ – a big social media ecosystem should bubble along like a good bonfire and then shoot off occasional fireworks to bring people back to the fire.

Once we’ve sorted out the ‘why’ we need to consider the ‘who’. Who is your
audience? Many people don’t think about this – they only think about the fact that they want to write a blog. But are you focusing on the artists in your company, the wider industry, the general public or the critics and reviewers? Each of these will need a different approach.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013