Creating an audience focused season brochure

Creating an audience focused season brochure

By Trevor O’Donnell


US arts marketing consultant Trevor O’Donnell tells us from a strategic perspective why he admires the latest season brochure from the Austin Symphony.  The audience focused brochure uses visuals to bring to life the experience of a young couple throughout an evening at the Austin Symphony. Trevor is a straight talking marketing consultant who has developed marketing/sales strategies for many arts organisations including Disney, Disney Theatrical Productions, Cameron Mackintosh, Cirque du Soleil and the Music Center of Los Angeles.

1. It’s based on research into audience motivations. Jason learned from audience members on the outer fringes of his support system that the experience of enjoying a night out was as important as the content of that night out, so he created a brochure that focused on the customers’ experience.

2. It’s as much about the customer as it is about the product. Commercial marketers know that one of the best ways to sell a product is to show happy people who represent their target demographic actually enjoying the product. This does that beautifully. (Larger orchestras that use their promotional real estate to talk exclusively about how wonderful and important they are could learn a thing or two from this).

Resource type: | Published: 2014