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20th May 2013 Sara Lock

Creating an audience development strategy for a consortium-led tour

By: Rachel Escott

Learn how the Philharmonia Orchestra prepared their audience development bid to Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund.  Find out what was learned about the process, even before the success of the application was determined.

We started by thinking imaginatively about what in ‘tour product’ could be made accessible/of interest to different and new audiences. Keep in mind different people’s needs, motivations and ways of engaging –Arts Audiences Insights and Acorn/ Mosaic descriptions can help see world from their point of view, as can your own research into previous audiences.

Matching audience development potential in product to audiences in target area – research plus talking to local organisations. What are their priority target groups? What are yours? What does the host venue want to get out of this exhibition from an AD point of view?

And what does the touring company want to? What elements in how the show could be used/interpreted match these groups’ needs and motivations?

| Published:2013

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