Crafting your elevator pitch: four simple steps

Crafting your elevator pitch: four simple steps

By Fern Potter


Fundraising trainer and consultant Fern Potter walks you through four simple steps to an effective elevator pitch. An Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy guide for AMAculturehive.

An elevator pitch is a bite-sized description of your organisation’s mission and plan.

Developing one requires focus and concision.

Your lift pitch will serve as your organisation’s north star. All activity must steer the ship north. An effective pitch will describe your organisation’s work to others and get them to act.

To illustrate the steps to craft an effective elevator pitch, I’m using a phantom organisation called 99% Arts.

Step #1
Start with WHY

Starting with WHY is critical. WHY is where feelings like trust and loyalty are born and provides the journey about how your organisation and your work makes a difference.

The elevator pitch’s first sentence should address your organisation’s purpose.

  • What’s the core value?
  • What do you believe in?
  • Should no child go without access to the arts?
  • Should all low income, inner-city families have the chance to experience the performing arts?

99% Arts' Why: There should be no barrier to watching a professional performance at a theatre. Trips to the theatre inspire many to develop a life-long love of the arts.

Step #2
The problem — what is your organisation trying to solve?

− How is this core belief being compromised?
− What’s the problem?
− Why does your organisation need to exist?
− Are children in your community being priced out of seeing your shows?
− Are we ensuring children are not denied the experience of watching a live performance?

The problem according to 99% Arts: Theatre tickets to our shows are a luxury not every family can afford — it's beyond their reach or imagination.

Download the full guide to read on:
Crafting your elevator pitch: four simple steps (PDF)


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