Continuously experimenting at the Eden Project

Continuously experimenting at the Eden Project

By Andy Jasper


At the Eden Project they 'flex' the product to meet their various visitor profile needs. They take risks with this policy of flexing the product and inventing new things. Andy Jasper from the Eden Project gave a keynote presentation exploring this policy and how they evaluate and make decisions based on that.

Eden is many things to many people and different audiences. It is educational, it is an international visitor destination, it is an environmental showcase, and a place where you can have conversations that might go somewhere in this showcase for sustainability. It is a venue for arts and really is all of these things … it can be whatever you; the visitor or the audience, wants it to be and that’s the way that we’ve tried to keep it. Of course it is a garden as well and like a botanic garden it has plants but none of our plants are rare. All of those plants are there because they tell a story about our relationship with them and what we’re trying to do is reconnect people.

Resource type: | Published: 2014