Concept Evaluation and Monitoring Report

Concept Evaluation and Monitoring Report

By Rachel Escott


An evaluation of the Concept programme, run by Pedestrian (a Leicester-based charity delivering workshops in art, music, and media working with disadvantaged, NEET young people and vulnerable adults). Written by Rachel Escott.

The Concept  programme run by Pedestrian is an example of a youth engagement programme developed and run with care, sensitivity and a concentration on delivering value for the young people participating.

Much of the success in achieving this can be put down to the time spent piloting (in 2017), reflecting and adjusting the model and to the time and resource given to training and development of the staff involved.

This evaluation has been able to reveal that the improvements and adjusted approaches put in place for 2018 made a positive impact.

The evaluation assesses how well Concept delivered under the following main areas of ambition:

  • Self-efficacy and Resilience: Improved in the children and young people
  • Teams: Increased team-working, communications and problem-solving skills
  • Creativity: Expressed through creative, lyrical and music technology skills
  • Social Capital: A shared experience with young people in challenging circumstances and wider groups, together
  • Qualification: The opportunity for a qualification
  • Quality of Provision: Including workshop delivery and the management of the project
  • Workforce: Improving skills and knowledge for music leaders and emerging music facilitators
  • Impact on Partners: The impact of the work for the partner organisations involved

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2019