Community engagement case study: Wirral Community Shakespeare

Community engagement case study: Wirral Community Shakespeare

By The Reader Organisation


Wirral Community Shakespeare was conceived as an eight month long reading project culminating in a run of free public performances of William Shakespeare’s The Winter's Tale in Birkenhead Park. This case study takes the reader through the project process - which included artistic workshops with professional and experienced amateur actors, musicians and technicians - as well as providing a series of key learning points.  

Lessons Learned

Job titles and roles need to be more clearly defined. The Project Manager role needs to be a full-time position, with full use of office space and amenities.

Management of a more precise and complete vision of the pre-production work is required of the Production Manager.

It is important to avoid major changes in the rehearsal scheduling in future projects.

A longer planning and rehearsal period is required.

More comprehensive evaluative procedures must be incorporated from the very beginning, as detailed mapping of participants and audience members will aid future development. WCS staff is to be trained in the Substance evaluative computer package.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013