Co-creating campaigns with customers

Co-creating campaigns with customers

By Mel Larsen


New ways of working with visitors and audiences can help develop new, more engaging marketing ideas and solutions. Using the examples of arts ambassadors, idea generation groups and co-creation, this resource explores how arts marketers can think about their cultural marketing campaigns in a fresh way by bringing the audience on to the team.

Co-creation brings the audience on team. Your audience is the expert in what you offer. The key thing is to open up the dialogue in the right way so that they can shape your brand, products, promotion and engagement strategies. Two heads are better than one so why not twenty or a million?

They can also bring a fresh perspective, or take you in a new direction and inspire and challenge you. If you are lucky they can help you innovate or sometimes solve problems.

Over the last eight years I have been working with a couple of market research companies to help them work with brands to co-create and develop new ways of developing products and new ways of talking about products. A group of us talk through creative ideas with the company. It’s great fun – often it can involve playing with toys, playing games, brainstorming.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013