Circuit at Tate – Test Risk Change

Circuit at Tate – Test Risk Change

By Tate


Young People, Youth Organisations and Galleries: Working as Allies to Spark Change This national programme saw ten galleries work in partnership with youth sector organisations to create opportunities for a more diverse range of young people to engage with art in galleries.

Test, Risk, Change is the final report of Circuit, a four-year programme to work with young people and youth organisations to build stronger youth audiences in galleries. It was led by Tate, and involved the four Tate galleries and six galleries from the Plus Tate network around the UK. It was funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Test, Risk, Change looks at the emphasis placed on establishing equitable partnerships with youth sector organisations. It also highlighted the challenges in building these relationships, which have been identified as a ‘clash of cultures’.

The report covers challenges and barriers, ideas and solutions in relation to these three themes:
• galleries and the youth sector building partnerships
• motivation for diversity and change
• young people and cultural production

These insights are drawn from the in-depth evaluation and reflection that underpinned the whole process, and on extensive research by specialists carried out throughout the programme.

There is also a timeline of key moments from the programme, and statistics on ethnicity, ‘hard-to-reach’ participants, motivation, skills, barriers and outcomes experienced.

It ends with a call to collective action to take the work forward.

Authors: Mark Miller, Circuit Programme National Lead and Convenor: Young People’s Programmes Tate Britain & Tate Modern; & Rachel Moilliet, Circuit Programme National Manager
With the Circuit Programme National Team and contributors.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2017