Chickenshed Diversifying Income Case study

Chickenshed Diversifying Income Case study

By William Porter
Lily Elizabeth Davies


Discover how Chickenshed leveraged its expertise in order to diversify its income and maximise the commercial benefit of its existing assets with the launch of its Corporate Training programme.

Chickenshed was founded over forty years ago in an actual chicken shed. We now have a theatre in Enfield, north London, a branch in Kensington and Chelsea and a network of various ‘sheds’ across the UK and internationally.

Our programmes are for the benefit of children and young people in the main and we offer inclusive training pathways to the performing arts through a combination of children’s and youth theatre workshops, further and higher education courses, vocational training and outreach programmes.


Chickenshed is incredibly lucky as it has a really broad revenue mix. Half of our income is earned through:

  • ticket sales
  • membership subscriptions
  • education courses
  • merchandise sales.

The other half is raised through a diverse spread of sources, including:

  • individual giving
  • corporate companies
  • trusts and foundations
  • events
  • community.

We had a strategic review in 2015 which looked at where we are now but also where we want to get to in the future.

Following this review Chickenshed recognised that there were further aspirations in terms of our commercial income. In 2016 we had reached the point where we had a plan and list of priorities of how to take that work forward.

We decided to package what people said they were looking for in terms of training modules with our expertise in inclusive pracitice. The market opportunity we identified was potenitally enormous.


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Chickenshed's Corporate Training: a case study on diversifying income streams

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2018