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10th July 2013 Sara Lock

Change for the better: developing audiences

By: Liz Moran, Alec Coles

This article includes two case studies from Tyne & Wear Museums and macrobert. Each author looks at how they made integral changes to their organisation in order to develop new and diverse audiences. From improving the overall visitor experience through to developing venue brands; and setting up youth panels through to developing a children’s charter, each organisation outlines their approaches to changing for the better.

But perhaps I am proudest of the change in the socio-demographic composition of our audience. The organisation started from a base of 20 per cent C2DEs and last year that reached 44 per cent (with some sites reaching 50-57 per cent). That, to me, is going back to the mission about who we are there for – the people who pay council tax who previously thought museums were not for them.

| Published:2013

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