Challenging the single approach to qualitative research

Challenging the single approach to qualitative research

By Tash Walker


Tash Walker, Partner and Co-Founder of research agency The Mix, argues in her article A bad case of research myopia that single approach research methodologies are not always the way to go. So, if you’re planning on investing in some primary research, particularly qualitative research, have a read. It might just make you stop and think again – are you approaching it in the right way? This article advocates the benefits of the research pre-task (eg blogging/diary keeping) and also challenges the traditional focus group setting – have you thought about where your group/groups are taking place and the implications? This article was first published by In Brief, the magazine of the Association of Qualitative Research.

Gain intimacy
No-one is going to reveal their deepest darkest secrets/bad habits to a stranger. This is common sense. At The Mix, we blog with respondents for at least a week prior to meeting them in person. In practice this means you build up a relationship by speaking one to one via a blog daily, asking them about their day, what they have been up to and gaining their trust.

It also means you get to see a picture of their lives at home. App technology means now that it is incredibly simple to set up blogs on a smartphone, which can then be used to upload on the go imagery, brands that are loved/hated, what their cupboards look like and all manner of visual stimulus.

Resource type: | Published: 2013