OF/BY/FOR ALL: Centre of Democracy

OF/BY/FOR ALL: Centre of Democracy

By Centre of Democracy


The AMA is backing the OF/BY/FOR ALL change network and following its progress through a range of blogs, case studies and videos. Our series includes a number of Q&A sessions with participant organisations who are furthering their mission to become OF, BY and FOR their communities.

Tell us about your museum: where are you based? What do you do? 

We are the Centre of Democracy, based in Adelaide, Australia.

Our goal is to support the development of informed,  active citizens. We are currently in the process of developing our Mission Statement  

How did you learn about OF/BY/FOR ALL? 

 Our previous manager Allison is a keen museologist and community activist and she has encouraged our involvement and provided the support we needed to get started. 

What led you to sign up to OF/BY/FOR/ALL? 

As a new team (only 12 months at the time of pledging) we were keen to develop new communities and also develop our knowledge and team skills 

What challenges do you anticipate experiencing during this process as an individual/team, and/or more broadly as an organisation? 

The challenges that are most likely to come our way are commitment and keeping the whole team involved ( that is probably my biggest personal challenge as I have taken the lead on this project); change of staff both internal and external, reframing our communities to see themselves as our assets, finding the budget to develop new inclusive marketing materials 

What transformations do you anticipate taking place for within your museum? 

I think the biggest transformation is likely to be the ‘loop’ as I call it. Us making change at many levels in response to our new community involvement, suggestions, opinions etc. 

What are you most excited about? 

I am very excited about working closely with our new community of 17-25 year olds who have recently arrived in SA and learning from them! They are going to bring a whole new perspective to the CoD which we are then keen to feed into the next iteration of the Centre. 

Complied by Madalena Bendo, Education Manager, Centre for Democracy

Culturehive will be following the Centre of Democracy on their journey as a participant in the OF/BY/FOR All movement for change. 

Resource type: Articles | Published: 2019