Branding the People’s History Museum to reposition it for the future

Branding the People’s History Museum to reposition it for the future

By Karen Moore


Case study about the capital project and rebrand to take the People’s History Museum into the future.  Read about how the People's History Museum in Manchester researched, rebranded and made marketing changes on the back of a large capital project that took place in 2010.
The museum developed a radical new proposition to force a step change in external opinion. They created a positioning for the museum that focuses not on the objects, collections and archives but on the ideas that the museum espouses such as liberty, democracy, fairness, protest, equality and reform. These are ideas that historically individuals and groups have fought and died for – hence the positioning: there have always been ideas worth fighting for.

The museum had a soft opening on Saturday 13 February. Between this date and the official opening almost a month later we marketed this ‘test drive’ period as an opportunity for local people to have a sneak preview of the new museum. This also gave us valuable feedback (we had over 1,500 comments from approximately 400 people, with
comments ranging from opinions of the new building, to signage and even the colour of napkins in the cafe!). We
commenced questionnaire-led market research with visitors as soon as we opened (as part of the N W Museums Hub data collection project) so that the data could be benchmarked across the city and region.

Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013